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  When you are involved in an accident, sensors monitor the severity of the collision, and use that data to decide whether to deploy the Airbags . If a certain severity threshold is exceeded, the bags fill with gas. This entire process occurs within a fraction of a second. Since 1999, when the federal government mandated the installation of driver and passenger airbags, the technology has saved thousands of lives. Yet few people know much about the bags, or the technology that powers them. We'll clarify a few common questions below. Where Are They Installed? Long ago, the bags were only installed in the steering wheel and instrument panel (for the driver and front passenger, respectively). While these locations are still used today, automakers also install them elsewhere. Knee bags may be installed within the lower instrument panel; side bags might be installed in the seat, door, or roof of the vehicle. These are designed to protect the car's occupa

  A business that does well is often due to the location, think about how visible you will be to passing trade, if there are any competitive stores nearby, can customers park easily, and also how long your lease lasts. You don't want to have to move premises just as business is starting to pick up and risk losing the majority of your customers. Defining your marketing strategies at the beginning is the key to a successful business, and will give you an idea as to budget. Every business needs a marketing plan to ensure the advertising you do brings maximum exposure to the business. Do your research into the most effective strategy for your type of business, popular forms of advertising include brochures, radio, newspaper and public relations, trade shows, sales people, and of course having your own website. Getting professional advice just makes sense; most businesses have some type of legal agreements which could include a lease, a finance agreement, a disclaimer, a confidentiality

  Mazda dealers Gainesville are known to provide an incredible and comprehensive warranty coverage that is one of the best in the business. As it turns out, this particular line of cars is one that is filled with incredible options in this area that help keep the entire vehicle covered for extended periods of time. Hence, there is definitely an immediate sense of relief often felt. Most retailers of this car line have rather diverse selections offered to consumers. There are smaller, mid size, and SUV offerings within this brand that are all incredible and usually seen at each retailer within their scope. Hence, one is usually able to find what they are looking for. There is no question that customer service is key within this particular retailer. All their staff are trained to ensure that each customer that walks in the door has a positive and incredible experience in their car purchase. In turn, the appeal of them simply grows each minute. Finally, Mazda